A new generation of Washington blues musicians is also beginning to wow crowds. Clarence Turner...[has] been attracting attention lately.” - William Triplett

— Washingtonian

Wailing harmonicas and soulful swings show one thing's for certain: This band knows the blues.” - Korin Miller

— The Washington Post

If visibility counts then Clarence Turner... [is] already ahead.” - Maria Villafana

— The Washington Post

‚ÄúTurner and his band brought the house down at Blues Alley and a slew of other clubs throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. Turner has developed something of a cult following, dazzling crowds with his frantic fret work and a compulsion to jump, dance, and play the guitar in unusual positions. Turner and his band have developed a reputation for making dancers sweat!” - Wayne Kahn

— Right on Rhythm

I'm hearing some solid blues here.” - Bruce Iglauer

— Alligator Records

Clarence Turner and his band has quickly become Washington dancers' favorite source of live blues. They play all over the city at jazz and blues clubs. Each time they're out, more and more dancers get their fix and come back raving about the band. What's more is that they really have befriended local dancers, and have a very good sense of what to play.” - Mike Marcotte

— Capital Blues

A nitty, gritty, pure blues band that incorporates jump blues and soulful swing into their charged performances.” - Hyong Lee

— DC Lindy Exchange

Clarence Turner is a top-notch blues player and The Clarence Turner Band has its own cult following." - Laurie Shepard Coburn, Protest.Net” - Laurie Shepard Coburn

— Protest.Net

Clarence "The Bluesman" Turner dazzled the audience with his fast fret work and his willingness to jump, and dance, in the middle of the crowd while he balanced the guitar behind his head." - Amanda Sweet, DC Blues Society” - Amanda Sweet

— DC Blues Society

It was then time for Clarence "The Bluesman" Turner to take the mic. Clarence showed us why he is called "The Bluesman," starting off strong with Muddy Waters' Gypsy Woman.” - Kathy Lestsantear

— DC Blues Society