An infectious, rhythmic, gritty, and soulful, feeling sparked a fire into Clarence Turner while listening to his father’s collection of LP’s, which included the incomparable Muddy Waters and the legendary Howlin’ Wolf. Every wailing stroke of the guitar spoke to Clarence; and at the age of eight he began a life long love affair with the blues. It was no question the guitar chose Clarence. Throughout his teenage years, he played his guitar delivering the blues and receiving love from audiences both local and abroad. The blues cannot be truly mastered unless one has experienced life and experienced it hard. Following suit, Clarence disappeared from the music scene in his early twenties. During this time, Clarence experienced the heart and origin of the blues, a strong dose of reality, pure love, painful hardship, and amazing good times. Clarence realized that what he felt in his gut and soul, could only be expressed thru his first love of his guitar. As such, he returned to wail the blues as only he can. Once, at a Blues after party in Richmond, VA, Clarence took the stage after Big Bill Morganfield. As Big Bill was leaving, he immediately returned to listen and then said, “ Now that’s the Blues”! Over the years, Clarence developed signature guitar strokes by using items other than the usual “pick”. His fiery guitar picking included using cell phones, microphones, harmonicas and everything else in between. As he puts it, “Why use a pick when there are so many other interesting things to use?” Soon thereafter, Clarence started his explosive blues band, which propelled him to become one of the greatest blues men of this century. After performing at Blues Alley, he decided to release his CD “Live at Blues Alley”. In the spring of 2011, he released his highly anticipated new CD entitled “PAY DAY”. Clarence was born into blues and as you read further you will agree that he has been appropriately sanctioned; Clarence “The Bluesman” Turner.